Rowlsey South

Rowsley South was formerly a locomotive depot built to provide engines for freight trains being assembled on the adjacent sidings for the long climb over the hills to Manchester.

The first depot was built slightly further north, but was replaced by the LMS in 1926 by a depot just south of a large marshalling yard. This is the northern base for Peak Rail at present.

Much work has been undertaken by Peak Rail at this site. The former turntable pit has been excavated and a turntable from Mold Junction has been installed. Ash pits and inspection pits have been recovered and repaired, and a new shed has been erected over these inspection pits.

Much track has been laid to recreate the original layout, with turntable road, arrival and departure roads, four roads through the shed and a complex of sidings for carriage storage, carriage repair and S & T and civil engineering use.

©Mike Smith

Rowsley Station used to be a mile or so further north, just before the railway crossed the A6 road. Peak Rail’s Rowsley South Station is adjacent to the Loco Depot. There was an older station at Rowsley. This was a terminus until the line was re-routed and extended further north. This older station still exists and is part of the “Peak Village” development.